Getting Sassy About Sin

Today, church was AMAZING. Our church moved into a brand new facility for the first time and I was lucky to get to be at church all day. I could definitely see myself living in my church building, and that’s a great feeling. Also, my dad came down unexpectedly and that was really awesome to have him come to my church with me.

Anyways, we learned about Satan, demons, and spiritual warfare today. It was beautiful, really awesome. And I was really excited to hear what my pastor had to say and he did not disappoint!

He touched on a point (Jesus has won the war!) that I think we as Christians all too often glaze over. Isn’t that crazy? We glaze over the fact that JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS AND IS BATTLING SATAN FOR US AND HE LOVES US AND WE SHOULD CELEBRATE THAT. 

We spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves and our sins and crying over our past that we forget that we are forgiven for our transgressions so PLS STOP WHINING. God sent his son to die so that we would stop whining. Jesus defeated death, defeated sin. The battle is won! We have nothing to be sad about (literally nothing because death’s sting was taken away because when you believe in Jesus we get this cool thing called eternal life. and also Heaven. HEAVEN ROCKS).

Okay. I was really moved to say that.

And this whole, our sins are forgiven and death has been defeated stuff doesn’t mean that we can blatantly sin because we know it will get forgiven. No nonononono. NO. That’s not okay. We should be broken up about our sin because it separates us from the Lord. But we can’t spend our lives trashing ourselves, that’s how the Devil wins! We learn from our sin and we move on and do our best to stop being separate from God. But lol joke’s on us because we are going to do it again because we’re human and not perfect.

Anyways, think about that as you remember that Lenten promise you made like 33 days ago and probably broke 30 days ago. And think about that as we celebrate Holy Week and Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. A sinless man died so that the sinful people could be truly connected to the Father.

Okay. I think that’s all. It’s blunt because it’s late and the end of the semester always makes me a little sassy.

Love ya!!

Community (not the show)

I can’t believe that another month has gone by, let alone this particular March. I think the weirdest part about not having a mom anymore is that I don’t really have someone to tell me what to do anymore. Yeah, I have my dad, but if my mom knew that I still don’t have my passport done, she’d call, text, email, and post on my Facebook wall every day until I finally did it. The bad days that I have had wouldn’t have been bad. Not because my mom would have been alive, but because my mom would have been able to cheer me up.

That being said, I just had an incredible weekend. I was so happy (except for one part where Satan decided to sneak in and be a big ole butthole) for most of the weekend. There was a special time when I was with ten of my very best friends and we were praying in a circle. While we were praying, I remembered the time when these guys (among a few others) came up to my home for my mother’s service. Both of these moments, the prayer circle and my mom’s service, were tremendous acts of love committed by a community that I could not live in this broken world without. 

This community right here is a tiny glimpse of Heaven. It’s a tiny glimpse of the restoration we have coming for us when we leave this place (or when Jesus comes down, you know, whichever comes first). But at the same time, no one in my community is God. We are not perfect and we fall short and we sin against one another. But because we have the Holy Spirit in our hearts and we know the Good News of the Gospel and God’s forgiveness of our sins, we too, can forgive each other.

So on the last day of MSA Awareness month, I wanted to share with you the loves of my life. I don’t know what I’d be without them.

It’s crazy because when most people hear the words “High Point University,” they don’t think of a community of Christians that would do John 15:13 with each other. But I do. My community extends far beyond the people in the pictures I’ve posted, but these gals (and some of my not gal pals) aren’t just pals, they are my family. (I never select “friends” in any BuzzFeed quiz when “family” is an option because my family is more than just the people with whom I share blood with.)

I am blessed to know Jesus and to know that my family knows Jesus and to know that my mom is with Jesus!